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Linea GE RCD



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Linea GE RCD compact washers’ reliable and personalized cleaning guarantees total hygiene and satisfies user’s specific needs.

Kitchens and cafeterias 
Perfect cleaning for pots, pans, containers and bowls of any shape and size.

Bakeries and ice cream parlours 
Bakeries and ice cream parlours The many and complex working tools, from pans and bowls to whisks, hooks, pins, pastry bags and tips confirm the Linea GE RCD’s versatility and ensures high-quality cleaning.

Butcheries, delicatessens and food specialty stores 
Pans, dripping pans, pots, baking pans, serving trays, skewers, grills, knives of all shapes and sizes benefit from the best washing solutions Comenda products have to offer.


The new electronic board provides easy machine process management:
• manual or automatic wash cycle start
• built-in end of the day self-cleaning cycle
• digital wash and rinse temperature display
• multifunction color codes push button


• Double skin
• Double stainless steel wash and rinse rotating system
• Double internal filters
• Automatic tank fill and temperature control
• atmospheric booster RCD
• Steam exhaust system
• Electronically controlled wash cycles
• Counterbalanced door
• Deep-drawn tank with rounded corners: guarantees maximum hygiene
• Termo Stop: guarantees rinse cycle start only with 85°C booster temperature

With their compact design, Linea GE RCD front-loading washers can even be installed in tight spaces while still providing high-quality performance. The removable rack, that slides on guides, makes loading and unloading a simple task. All front-loading models have dual and balanced doors making access even easier.
Available models:
• GE50RCD with 550×660 mm rack
• GE 605RCD and GE 655RCD with 650×700 mm rack
• GE 805RCD with 810×700 mm rack
• GE 1005RCD and GE 1155RCD with 1320×700 mm rack
• All models are available also with 800 mm clearance

side loading 
The combination of Linea GE RCD washers’ construction and functional features make them the true washing leaders of every utensil found in large kitchens, bakeries, ice cream parlours and delicatessens. They are equipped with side doors for rack passage and a front door for cleaning and maintenance. Side tables at the entrance and exit make rack loading and unloading extremely easy and drip-free. Loading tables can also accommodate sinks to eliminate tougher dirt. A second rack can be prepared while the machine is washing the first to save time.
Available models:
• GE 755RCD with 700×700 mm rack
• GE 1255RCD with 1320×700 mm rack

CRC condensing & heat recovery unit Thanks to Comenda’s innovative CRC system condenses and cools-down the exhaust air from the machine.

heat pump
Exploits the heat produced during a cooling cycle to heat the cold water. Emitted heat and steam are simultaneously cooled down to further improve work room conditions.